President’s Shield award and 100% standings after Markfield 10k 2015

With the first two Leicestershire Road Running League (LRRL) races completed and the third race tomorrow, I thought it would be good to reflect on where everyone is for the President’s Shield award as well as who is still in the running (pun intended) for a 100% award.

The President’s Shield Awards include a free membership for the winners. The awards are based on an age graded points system for individuals performance in the LRRL and presented to the top 3 ladies and top 3 men. Below are a list of everyone who has taken part in the last two races. Those in bold have done both and are still on track for 100%. They are in order, so for instance, if we finished the league today, then Emma, Katy and Sarah would be 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the President’s Shield award.

Emma Lambert 15.26 Chris Langham 15.35
Katy Grainger 13.33 Chris Limmer 14.55
Sarah Garford 12.87 Ed Batch 13.08
Erica Fisher 12.72 Jonathan Strong 12.84
Jenny Green 12.44 Rolf Hoelmer 12.76
Elaine Wischhusen 12.20 Ben Masser 12.42
Celine Guery 12.13 Andy Lauder 12.03
Lisa Freestone 11.98 Edward Nixon 11.61
Rachel Hallett 11.36 Ian Walker 10.81
Jacqui Campbell 11.01 Simon Bedder 10.55
Julia Waite 10.97 Mike Daniels 10.30
Odette Foxall 10.89 Gordon Landsburgh 10.29
Andrea Earley 10.83 Simon Birch  7.71
Liz Aspden-Manfield 10.79 David Limmer  7.67
Gemma Daniels 10.76 Matthew Johnson  7.41
Kirsty Pollard 10.65 Karly Scally  7.17
Elizabeth Lees 10.48 Paul Clayton  7.04
Sally Henderson  9.97 Kevin Higham  6.95
Jo Martin  7.41 Matthew Knight  6.93
Anne Ashton  6.95 Tom Wormleightom  6.55
Nicola Waite  6.44 John Padbury  6.41
Helen Wilebore  6.41 Ben Lowe  6.13
Amanda Knight  6.01 Barry Manfield  5.74
Jane Wheeler  5.99
Charlotte Sinclair  4.39