Thunder Run 24 2015

Hinckley Running Club (and friends) had a total of 38 runners across 12 teams enter this years Adidas 24 hour Thunder Run at Catton Park, Derbyshire at the end of July, with many runners covering more miles than they have ever ran before, despite the muddy start.
The endurance event is now a well known national event in the running calendar and see’s solo runners through to teams of 8 run from 12pm Saturday through to 12pm Sunday, with the aim to cover the challenging 10k trail course at all times. Runners don a head torch through the night as they twist and turn through the woods. The aim is to see how many 10k laps can be completed in 24 hours. The smaller the team, the bigger the challenge.

The following 4 club members took on the penultimate challenge of running solo:

Ed Briggs ran 100K in 17:20:59
Andy Lauder (Team name Pint of Stella) ran 100K in 21:26:28
Penny Masser (Team name Half a Stella) ran 100K in 21:26:28
Jonathan Strong ran 40K in 12:18:22
The following teams braved the challenge of entering as a pair:
When it gets Tough Go Harder consisted of Sarah McSharry and Phil Caswell who ran 200K in 24:43:20, finishing 4th in their category
Pair of Nutters – Chris Langham and Jayne Thomas finished 6th in their category completing 190K in 23:23:12
Tom & Jerry – Tom Wormleighton and Jenny Green ran 160K in 22:32:57
The following teams entered in the 3-5 category:
The League of Extraordinary Misfits – Paul Clayton, Ed Nixon, Stephen Penney, Matt Johnson and Katy Grainger ran 270K in 23:04:23
The Unfortunates – Paul Ashby, Paul Tomkins, Dave Masser, Ian Walker and Sam Padbury ran 240K in 22:30:23

The Five Wishys – Elaine Wischhusen, Stuart Wischhusen, Lucy Masser, Julia Waite and Karen Burnett ran 200K in 22:53:37

Fireflies – Sarah Garford, Gill McGarry, Leanne Byard, Helen Wilebore and Sarah Johnson ran 190K in 21:42:21
Team Spongebob Slowpants entered in the 6-8 category and consisted of Gemma Daniels, Mike Daniels, Sally Henderson, Richard Guest, Gordon Landsburgh, Louise Berry, Becky Doughty and Scott Doughty who ran 210K in 24:10:22
A great time was had by all at the tough but sociable event where runners constantly cheer and support each other throughout the 24 hour period.
Hinckley Running Club meet at 6:15pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings outside the entrance to Hinckley Leisure Centre in the summer months and in the small hall corridor in the winter months. For more information contact Club Secretary Paul Clayton on
Words by Jenny Green
The League of Extraordinary Misfits: L-R Paul Clayton, Stephen Penney, Katy Grainger, Matt Johnson and Ed Nixon
The League of Extraordinary Misfits: L-R Paul Clayton, Stephen Penney, Katy Grainger, Matt Johnson and Ed Nixon