Bagworth Heath XC 2015 Results and Runner of the day

A massive thanks to all those who came to either run or support at the XC last Sunday. Great to see so many runners and supports. Mostly for the tent presumably! Which did a good job, easy to put up and take down. Easy to get in the bag, lightweight too. Could use it for any summer event as a marque.

Whilst not a record attendance for the XC, not too far off. We had 7 first timers running a Derby Runner League XC in a HRC vest. All thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially Michelle! Well done for plucking up the courage to give it a go, a bargain at £3! We are looking forward to this being the first of many for you all.

Final results are out and on our results page, we have improved since the last one and doing fab!
Team Overall 2nd in League 1, up from 7th in the last race and now sitting in 4th place.
Men 5th in League 1, up 2 places to 5th now.
Ladies 2nd in League 2, up 1 place to 2nd now.

Simon Birch did well to lead for a lot of the race with Ben Harding pipping him to the post though to finish 1st HRC man, 7th in the race with Simon 8th in the race.
Ben Masser was next for the men in 31st place, an epic performance for Ben!
Some good banter between Steve and Simon Early helped spur them both on swapping places towards the end too.

Men’s runner of the day goes to Steve Penney, well done Steve!

Simon Earley and Steve Penney
A great turn out for HRC ladies, unfortunately we didn’t out number the boys on this occasion! 8 of us in total braved the cold weather to indulge in our love of mud with 3 of those tying cross country for the first time and from the smiles at the end I think everyone enjoyed it and will hopefully be back for more.

New girl Rebecca Gould ran her first race for the club and put in a fantastic performance, 1st lady back for HRC ladies and finishing in 6th position.
Bethan Padbury wasn’t far behind, as usual Bethan made it look easy and finished in 7th place.
Kate Perkins again had a brilliant race finishing 11th.

Michelle Fowler, Leanne Byard and Kirsty Pollard ran their first cross country race Michelle scoring for the team as our Vet lady, Leanne and Kirsty seemed to have a great time and we’re all smiles at the end as for Michelle I think deep down she loved it!

My Lady runner of the day goes to Rebecca Gould her 1st race in a HRC vest and she put in an amazing performance I’m looking forward to seeing what mores to come from Rebecca in the future.

Rebecca Gould
Rebecca Gould

A massive well done to all the HRC ladies for running and see you all at Bradgate for more muddy fun!

Next XC race is this weekend at Bradgate Park on Sunday the 6th December 2015. I know how much everyone loves to train at Bradgate. So if you haven’t tried XC yet, this is as good a one as any. It was a brilliant event there last year and this one should be even better.