Training Tuesday 29th March 2016 Butt Lane Mile Reps

Meet 18:15 in the Leisure Centre for briefings and announcements. Run starts at 18:30.

Warm Up

1.7 miles – Out the Leisure Centre, over the road and up Castle Street. At the top keep going down London Road, turning left up Spa Lane. At the top turn right along Butt Lane going all the way past JCC to Leicester Road, turn left  and meet at the corner of Leicester Road and Eastwoods Road.

This can be shortened by missing out Butt Lane and going along Leicester Road.

Butt Lane Mile Reps

Groups of similar abilities.

Start the mile rep where we are meeting at the corner of Eastwoods Road and Leicester Road. Run the mile rep anti clockwise along Leicester Road turning left along Butt Lane, past JCC on the right and finishing at the cross roads with Leicester Road. Walk (or jog very easy) back to the corner of Eastwoods Road as recovery. Once last of group is back start again.

Watch out for cars turning in or out of the side roads, speed bumps, bins and other hazards.

Pacing wise is up to you.

My suggestion would be that you could do Marathon, half marathon, 10k or 5k pace depending on your training and goals. Those closer to a marathon who have had a good training block might want to go 5k or 10k pace to get some speed just before the marathon. If you want to play it a bit safer or training has not gone so well I’d suggest half or marathon pace.

Those looking to concentrate on shorter distances I’d suggest 5k pace.

Looking at about 5 reps, but you can increase or decrease as needed.

Warm down

Easy jog back home or to the leisure centre. Consider going a long way back like reverse of the warm up route. Once back consider stretching too.