Tuesday 10th May 2016 – Hollycroft Park 1/2 mile reps

It should be lighter, warmer and dryer going forward (famous last words!). So think about bringing a drink, hat, sunglasses etc.

Warm up

Meet at the new Leisure Centre, 1 mile warm up through the park to Church Walk, turn right and head to Castle Street and up to the top. Left onto New Buildings past B and Q. Over the road towards the Weavers Arms and keep going to Factory Road, turn left down Factory Road. At the end, turn right down Hollycroft hill to the park.

Follow this with a lap of the route which is about 1/4 mile. Throw in a few dynamic movements like high knees and walking lunches.

The loop

Hollycroft park

The above loop is approx 1/4 mile. Running it clockwise so along the bottom, turn left up the hill nearer the bandstand. At the top turn left and head downhill on the path nearer Hollycroft road.


Working in pairs or small groups of similar abilities. 2 laps, so about 0.5 miles or 800 meters as about your 5k race pace (or a bit quicker). Follow those 2 laps with a recovery lap just taking it easy having a chat. Repeat for around 35 mins. Work on even effort going up and down the hill as well as across the reps.

Please be aware of other users of the park, we do not have priority. Also be mindful of runners passing you.

Warm down

A run back to the Leisure centre (or your car, house etc). Consider taking a scenic route back and then stretching.