Tuesday 5th July 2016 training Perimeter Road

Meet at 18:15 at the Leisure Centre, outside (not blocking the doors) if we are enjoying the nice British weather, inside downstairs in the room if it is (probably) raining. Head off at 18:30.


3 min reps at 10K pace, 30 second recovery, 10 reps (35 mins). Out along the A47 for 3 mins at 10K pace, then rest for 30 seconds and turn around and run back to the start. Repeat for 10 reps/35 mins. Try and be consistent and hit the same spot and get back to the start in 3 mins. Whilst I will blow a whistle, it would be helpful if you have a watch and can help you and those around you with the timings.

Warm up 1.5 miles

Through the park to Castle Street, past B and Q along Derby Road to Ashby Road, right on Ashby Road to the Perimeter Road, turn right and go along to just past where Cornwall Way meets the Perimeter Road.