Training Tuesday 9th August 2016 Pyramids 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1

Meet at the Leisrure Centre from 18:15, leave 18:30.

Warm up

I’d suggest a good warm up for this one as it will be tough (but good). It’s in Clarendon Park, so there are a few ways to get there that could include adding some distance in. One thought might to run to Hollycroft Road, down the hill past Hollycroft Park on the left, turn left on Westray Drive, left on Outlands to the park. There is a shortcut on that route that takes you along the path near Batteling brook which is more pleasant if you are confident of the area. It’s a bit over a mile that way.

The more direct route down Coventry Road is a bit shorter (I will be taking that and still getting their last as will likely not be running).

If we meet at the car park on Coventry Road, the one closest to the football pitch with the blue railings we can then cross over to the other field the other side of the hedge.

Feel free to have a run around the park too  if you get there before the last person.


Pyramids, double pyramid, 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1

1 min 5k-1 min jog recovery-2 min 10k-3 min jog recovery-3 min half marathon-3 min jog recovery-2 min 10k-2 min jog recovery

And so it continues. back down and up and down again. This will be 34 mins long if my maths is correct, 17 mins of paced running with 17 mins of easy recovery in-between.

This will be around the outside of the football pitches in the park around the sides, so will be on grass. The 1 min recovery jog between is just that, a very easy jog, even a bit of walking if you like.

You will need an idea of the 5k/10k/HM pace. Although, if you have no idea or are new, then still come along and we can pair you up with similar abilities or go on effort.

If you have done a race or timed distance recently or have an idea of one of your paces and want help to work out the others, a good website to try is and select the calculator. Keep in mind the further apart your race distance from the one you want your time prediction on, the less accurate. Also, it assumes you have trained for both appropriately. So if you ran a 5k in 25 mins and put that in, your predicted marathon assumes a marathon training block, long runs etc. However, if you do those, you should be able to achieve the times (and perhaps more if you get even fitter along the way). This is also a good tool for pacing the first third of a race.

This will seem easy to start with, but get tougher, and at the end it will be hard. If you go too hard at the start of the session, you won’t be hitting your paces at the end. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this session is mostly around pacing and so a good one even if you are racing at Hermitage this weekend. It will help when you are flyingdown the hill along the flat to the finish (and I didn’t pick a hill session as not sure you would recover well enough from it quick enough to benefit). This should also hopefully help to even pace, or even negative split races, which is theoretically the most efficient way to race them.

It’s the summer, so a bit of off road running for a change and to help save the feet.

Warm down

A nice gentle run back to the leisure centre/home/pub or where it is you are off to. I’d suggest another mile or two at least to help with the endurance of the session.