Derby Runner Cross Country League 2016

Please find some information below about the Cross Country races from the Derby Runner League website (

These races are CLOSED events, i.e. only members of affiliated clubs can take part.

This closed league consists of 7 cross country races of 5-7 miles, October-March. Individuals score for their team if they are in the counting 8 (men) or 4 (ladies). If individuals attend 4 out of the 5 races they can win the individual awards.

The team events have three components. The mens event needs 8 men to count, including 2 vets. The ladies event needs 4 ladies to count, including 1 vet. The overall team event needs 7 men (including 2 vets) and 3 ladies (including 1 vet). Vets are runners aged 40+, for both men and ladies.

Although the races can be competitive, they are fairly low-key events with a good friendly club atmosphere. The courses are usually proper cross country, so muddy and hilly. Results are usually finalised after the race in a nearby pub.

Start times: Junior race; 10:15am, Senior Race 10:55am
Distances: Junior U/11; 1 mile, Junior O/11, 2 miles, Senior; 8-11K
Entry fees: Junior; £1, Senior £3
Club kit: Club vests or T shirt must be worn for all races
Footwear: Studded fell shoes or cross country spikes. Trail shoes/studded road shoes may be ok depending upon conditions and the course

Prize Categories: Men

Senior (up to 39), VM40 (40-49), VM50 (50-59), VM60 (60+)

Prize Categories: Women

Senior (up to 39), VL40 (40-49), VL50 (50-59), VL60 (60+)

Age status for veterans – age as on 2nd October 2016

Car parking is often a problem because the races are popular and most of the locations are small village areas, so please car-share if possible.


-Runners, MUST return their finishing disks (to the Captains or Vice Captains)
-Runners must run in club kit (Club vest mandatory, please contact Penny Masser if you require one)
-NO Earphones MP3s or other devices – it makes insurance invalid
-At stiles if you jump any queue, you and your team will be disqualified
-Host clubs are to make sure that all marshals know the mobile phone number of the first aid co-ordinator
-Host clubs are to make sure that the children’s race has hares and/or marshals
-Please turn up early and car share
-Finally, enjoy