Rugby Road Hills Tuesday 15th November 2016

Last of the set of hills, this is the same session as the first hill session 3 weeks ago

Hi-Viz a must, it’s dark out there

18:15 meet at the Leisure Centre for a 18:30 start, warm up to the bottom of the hill at Rugby Road (it’s the slip road on the side of the main road).


Groups of similar abilities. Around 10k effort (might be slightly slower than 10k pace as up a fairly steep hill!) Just over 100 meters up the hill to opposite the road junction on the right and where a one-way sign is on the left. Keep the effort all the way to the sign as if it’s the finish line. Then jog walk a few more seconds to get your breath back and turn back to jog recovery back down the hill. Recover, regroup and head back up.

25 mins session – try and keep a consistent pace, from the 1st to the last rep. Keep your form throughout.

This is a one way residential side street – so any cars will be coming from the bottom of the hill behind you as you run up, in front as you jog back. Please wear hi-viz and watch for traffic.