Allestree Park XC Report

Sunday 19th Feb saw the 6th race of the Derby Runner Cross Country League, at Allestree Park, Derby. Big thanks to all the brave souls who turned out. Well, I think that was a very tough course, hardest of the season so far in my opinion. It’s a 6 mile, 2 lap course with an energy sapping continuous muddy climb for the first 1.5 miles, which is bad enough once let alone twice! The weather was nice though.

Don’t let this put you off… (Photo by Stephen Lee)
Allestree Park XC course map
Hinckley’s senior runners at Allestree, nicely symmetrically arranged.

We had 6 senior men give their all this week – unfortunately not the 8 needed for a team, so no men’s team result. But saving the day at the last minute, club newbie Elaine Barrett swooped in to to complete the ladies team, doing her first ever XC (in a borrowed vest — thanks Leanne) and I think she enjoyed it or at least she claimed to ?. This means the ladies team was complete 4 with vet, and so a good chance at remaining near the top of Div 2 and a chance of promotion. We will get the results later in the week. Final individual tables will also be out soon, as the individual tables are calculated based on the first 6 races only.

Runners of the Day: Elaine Barrett for bravely stepping up to the plate and still smiling at the end, and Jonathan Richardson for a great run and big improvement in position on the last races.

Also of note Ben Harding, Joe Langham and Bethan Padbury all with a 100% XC completion so far, with one race to go. Joe and Beth now being the only two people left with a shot of the rare 200% award at the end of the year (the 200% award is for doing all XC and LRRL races – most recently won by Ben Masser in 2015).

Hinckley results:

Preschool-Yr6 category (1 mile race): Isabella Wrightam – 5th, Olivia Sykes – 10th, Josh Cooling – 20th, Sophia Wrightam – 27th, Amelia Martin – 42nd, Matthew Cooling – 43rd

Yr7-17yrs category (2 mile race): Fabien Faria – 7th, Elise Cook-Sutton – 10th, Liam Hall – 14th, Luke Burgess – 19th

Senior Men: Ben Harding – 7th, William Trollope – 28th, Nick Moore – 57th, Joe Langham – 109th, Mark Frost – 132nd, Jonathan Richardson – 262nd

Senior Ladies: Rebecca Gould – 10th, Bethan Padbury – 13th, Kate Perkins – 19th, Elaine Barrett – 160th

Full Results will be posted here when available.

Our thanks to Shelton Striders for putting on a great event.

The last race of the DRXC season will be on 5th March at Bosworth Battlefield – our own race organised by HRC.

Jonathan Richardson in action at Allestree (photo by Stephen Lee)
Bethan and Rebecca (photo by Stephen Lee)