Tuesday training 14th February 2017

Meet at Hinckley Leisure Centre at 18:15 for 18:30 depart, remember hi-viz please.

Warm up

Head up to Leicester Road, then keep going to the pedestrian crossing lights, turn right on Bradgate Road towards JCC, keep going past the junction with Woodland Road towards the end of the road where all the trees grow out of the footpath.

Over the last few hundred meters please try some dynamic movements such as skipping and high knees before picking up the pace to reach your 10k pace. This will help your body get ready for the workout.



4 x 1 mile reps at 10 seconds per mile slower than your current 10k pace with a jog recovery lasting around 1 minute. C group 3 reps rather than 4.

Then straight onto 8 x 200 meters with 200 meter jog recovery.

C group 6 reps rather than 8.

This should be at a pace around your 1 mile race pace, so not an all out sprint, but a controlled hard effort as it will likely last around 30 to 60 seconds.


The mile reps will be run down Butt Lane towards JCC, anti-clockwise, to Leicester Road, to end opposite John Street (if you have a GPS watch, feel free to use it for distance). Continuing in that direction jog/walk back to the start. The purpose of this is to improve your endurance.

The 200 meter reps will be along Trafford Road. Jog there after the last rep and head to the junction with Leicester Road. The rep should be done heading towards Butt Lane, I will show you the end, but it’s just before the road bends to the right. At the end of the rep, turn and take an easy job back to the start and repeat. This is not a sprint, but a controlled hard effort, the last rep should be the same time and as good as the first, leave feeling like you could have done another one. Think good running economy. This should help improve your top end speed.

Warm down

An easy jog home or back to the Leisure Centre, after your jog some light stretches. Don’t forget to hydrate and have something good to eat!

To help with working out your paces, enter a recent race time and take a look at your mile and 10k pace at https://www.mcmillanrunning.com/