Training Tuesday 28th March 2017 – Logix Park 6 x 1K

Meet at the Leisure Centre as normal at 18:15 for a 18:30 start.

Warm up to Logix Park (where we start the 5k timetrial)

6 x 1K reps with a jog recovery in-between – reps at 5k race pace

Set off about the same spot as the start/finish of the time trial and head down the path to the A5, turn sharp left down the A5 to the roundabout, left again to the next roundabout. This is approx 1k (just under). Try and keep an even pace up to this point, at a few seconds quicker than 5k race pace. This might be a recent time or a realistic goal time.

Then take a easy jog and walk recovery back to the start. Should take you 1 – 2 mins, make sure you are fully recovered before you go. Perhaps regroup with similar abilities before setting off again.

It is better to keep the pace consistent through each rep, so if you are struggling you can drop a rep.

Warm down back to the Leisure Centre

If you are looking at goal times, you can look at the club standard times and see roughly which you are in. Or head to the and look at the calculator to help work out a realistic goal based off past performances at other distances. If all else fails, hang on to someone of similar abilities or give me a shout and I will point you in the right direction.