Thursday 11th May 2017 route

Whilst a little rain is forecast for tomorrow, the ground is dry so I have included a route with a bit of ‘off road’ in it! For those members who are new to our ‘Summer routes’, don’t worry – on this route, most of the group usually all stay together for the first 2-3 miles (the tricky bit!) and then those who want to ‘push on’ can do so after that.

The long route is 8.3 miles (S11 ‘long’ in big book and on web site)…/u…/2016/07/S11-Long.jpg

The short route is 6.2 miles (S11 ‘short’ in the big book)…/…/2016/07/S11-Short.jpg

6.15pm meet for a 6.30pm departure at the leisure centre on the ‘outside benches’

See you there