Training Tuesday 12th September 2017

Barwell Lane 5 min reps at your current 5k race pace

Meet as normal at the Leisure Centre at 18:15 to leave at 18:30

Warm up run to Barwell Lane, a bit over a mile. Then quick warm up on the park next to it.

This is a long rep session with the pupose to improve your VO2 max whilst avoiding the build up of lactate in your legs. So it is important not to go off too quick. So think hard, but not all out. Think of the effort you would put into a parkrun or 5k race.

Starting near the Hinckley end, everyone will run towards Barwell for 2 and half mins, turn around and run back 2 and a half mins. No resting when you turn around. You should arrive back to the start at the end of 5 mins of running your 5k pace.

This will be repeated 4 times and you should keep the same pace througout so hit the same turn around point.

At the end of your 5 mins, you will recive a 3 min recovery. I suggest a short slow walk/jog back down the lane, don’t stray too far, you need to get back to run your next interval on the whistle.

If you are struggeling, slow down, and/or do less than the 4 sets. For those with energy left and still hitting their first marks after the 4th one, an optional bonus one is availble and no extra charge.

So in short;

5 min at 5k pace

3 min recovery

repeat the above 4 times.

We aim to repeat this session in 4 weeks to see how you are all getting on.

If you have run a recent 5k or parkrun great, if another race, try this to help predict a 5k time.

Run back to the Leisure Centre to warm down, followed by a session on Stretching and Injury Prevention there by Becca.

Jon & Liz