XC Report 2017 for HRC AGM

Firstly, a big thank you and well done to everyone who has raced, supported or helped out at any of
the XC races. The HRC hosted race at the Bosworth Battlefield Center which was a huge success,
the course layout, the mud and marshals all received lots of positive feedback.

2017/2018 Season stats compared to last season:
Holly Hayes Woods 30/10/2016
14 men (up 3), 12 ladies (same)
Men 5 th (up 1) League 1, Ladies 1st (up 2) League 2, Team 5th (same) League 1

Markfield 13/11/2016
16 men (same), 10 ladies (up 2)
Men 6 th (down 1), Ladies 1st (up 2), Team 6th (down 4)

Bradgate Park 11/12/2016
11 men (down 5), 10 ladies (up 2)
Men 9th (down 4), Ladies 2nd (up 3), Team 9th (down 4)

Sinai Park 15/01/2017
10 men (up 2), 4 ladies (down 1)
Men 8th, Ladies 3rd, Team 8th

Bagworth Heath 29/01/2017
14 men (up 4), 5 ladies (down 1)
Men 4 th , Ladies 1 st , Team 4th

Allestree Park 19/02/2017
6 men (down 6), 4 ladies (down 1)
Man no score, Ladies 2 nd , Team 10 th

Bosworth Battlefield (Hinckley) 05/03/2017
9 men (up 1), 5 ladies (same)
Men 4 th (up 3), Ladies 1 st (up 1), Team 3 rd (up 2)

End of season positions:
Team 7 th in League 1 (down 2)
Men 7 th in League 1 (same)
Ladies 1 st in League 2 (up 1 and now promoted to League 1 for the 2017/2018 season)

Individual achievements:
100% finishers of all the XC races:
Ben Harding
Joe Langham
Bethan Padbury

Ben Harding 1st Overall and VM40
Bethan Padbury 2nd U20F
Harry Langham 2nd U20M
Becca Gould 3 rd senior lady
Kate Perkins 5 th senior lady

The junior section had an excellent year with 10 members achieving final placings. Juniors coach
Shawn Wilebore said: “3 podium finishes, and two in 4th place, I’ve never seen so many of our
runners finish in the top 6, very well done juniors.”

Great to see so many different members taking part. If we can get a similar or even better turnout
this season that would be fantastic. Also, some brilliant individual achievements as well as team

County Championships:
Ben Harding was 6 th in the men’s masters
Simon Birch was 20 th in the senior men’s
Ben Masser and Harry Langham were 7 th and 9 th in U20 men
Michelle Fowler was 21 st in Masters ladies
Becca Gould and Kate Perkins 11 th and 12 th in senior ladies
Bethan Padbury was 9th in the Under 17 women

If as many of the club can keep Sunday 11 th March 2018 free please to either help out or run the
HRC XC at Bosworth Battlefield.