New “Merit” award for Standard Times

For 2018 the club is introducing a new level of Standard Times award, in addition to the existing Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze. This will be called a Merit award.

The idea of the Merit is to open up the awards night to more people and to recognise those who are working toward the Bronze standard. To earn a Merit award you still have to complete the 5 races of different distances, or 9 for a Distinction. However there is no minimum time standard for a Merit — you only have to complete the race and gain an official time in the results.

This is of course still no easy feat as you still have to enter and run all the races in the year.

All other rules are the same as for the existing awards, i.e. races must be officially measured accurate distances, and so on.

Please see the Standard Times page for full details of the awards scheme. We hope to get lots of Merit applications for the awards at the end of the year.

(Some of who who have been in the club a while may know the Merit award from years ago — we are now bringing it back.)

Good luck and enjoy your racing in 2018.