Tuesday Training – 6 Feb

Meet at Leisure Centre for 6.35pm prompt leave, or Sunnyside for 6:50pm prompt start.

Dynamic Warm up, followed by 400m / 100m Compound Sets. Stretching session as part of cool down – 30 mins of running fun. 


Run 400 meters at 5K race pace then speed up to sprint pace for 100m with no recovery between the set components


400 meters at 5K race pace, 100 meters at sprint pace


No recovery between the 400 meter and 100 meter components. 1 to 1:30 minutes of passive recovery between each compound set


• Compound sets are more advanced workouts that are made up of two different distances and/or paces that you perform with no recovery.

• You would take some recovery between each set, but no recovery between the components of each set.

• Compound sets are very good race specific interval training workouts. This first compound set is a more advanced version of the 500 meter repeats that adds in a fast finish.

•This interval training session is great for building a finishing kick.

Coach: Paul