LRRL 2018 Season Report

Last Sunday’s John Fraser 10 race saw the end of the 2018 season of the Leicestershire Road Running League. The results have been counted and verified and here they are. (You can find the full results of every race on our own results page, and the final league tables in detail are on the LRAN website.)

First of all lets look at the season’s races and how many Hinckley runners completed each one:

Stilton 7 (25th Feb) – 12 Hinckley runners
Desford 5 (25th March) – 31 Hinckley runners
Bosworth Half Marathon* (13th May) – 21 Hinckley runners
Kibworth 6 (27th May) – 16 Hinckley runners
Swithland 6 (3rd June) – 29 Hinckley runners
Prestwold 10k (24th June) – 33 Hinckley runners
Joy Cann 5 (1st August) – 26 Hinckley runners
Carl Rutt 10k** (12th August) – 10 Hinckley runners
John Fraser 10*** (2nd Sep) – 26 Hinckley runners

* Also the county half marathon championship
** Also the county 10k championship
*** Also the county 10 mile championship

Team Results

Mixed League (4+4 to count): New for this season is the mixed league, in which a team comprises is the first 4 men and 4 women at each race. Hinckley has begun in Division 1 and came 6th out of 8 so will stay up for next season. (Champions: West End Runners)

Womens League (6 to count): Hinckley women came a respectable 4th out of 8 in Division 1, so staying up for another year. (Champions: West End Runners)

Mens League (8 to count): Alas, the men ended bottom in Division One and so back down to Div 2 next year after two heady seasons in the top flight. (Champions: Badgers)

Vet Womens League (3 to count): Finished narrowly bottom of Division 2 so will be down to Div 3 next season. (Champions: Huncote Harriers)

Vet Mens League (4 to count): Saving the day, the vet men finished the year champions of Division 3 and are promoted to Div 2 next year. (Champions: Hermitage Harriers)

Vet Mens Div 3 Champs is silverware so we’ll take it! The top 4 scorers in the male vets category were Rich Whitelegg, Mark Frost, Chris Rawson and Greg Pollard.

Individual Results

In the individuals standings, the best 6 of the 9 races are counted. The Hinckley runners completing 6 or more races were:

Kate Perkins – 7th Senior Female
Mark Frost – 10th Vet Male 50-54
Geoff Oliver – 13th Vet Male 60+ (age 85)
Liz Aspden-Mansfield – 15th Vet Female 45-49
Chris Rawson – 16th Vet Male 40-44
Odette Foxall – 17th Vet Female 45-49

In all, 75 of our club’s members took part this year with 27 first timers (the number of races in brackets, and in bold are those who took part in an LRRL race for the first time):

Elizabeth Aspden-Mansfield (9) *100% Award*, Odette Foxall (8), Chris Rawson (7), Kate Perkins (7), Geoffrey Oliver (6), Mark Frost (6), Anne Ashton (5), Céline Guéry (5), Greg Pollard (5), Richard Whitelegg (5), Vincent Iliffe (5), William Pither (5), Charlotte Sinclair (4), Chris Simpson (4), Jenny Green (4), Matthew Mann (4), Richard Pearson (4), Rolf Hoelmer (4), Sarah Thi (4), Simon Wiggins (4), Alan Morris (3), Edward Nixon (3), Elaine Barrett (3), Elaine Wischhusen (3), Erica Fisher (3), Gayle Brown (3), Jessica Lester (3), Leanne Byard (3), Lucy Masser (3), Michelle Fowler (3), Nick Moore (3), Penny Masser (3), Simon Birch (3), Andrea Earley (2), Andy Damant (2), Harry Langham (2), Ian Sylvester (2), James Brown (2), Joanne Williams (2), Joe Langham (2), Julia Waite (2), Kerry Wittering (2), Louise Damant (2), Mark Hubbard (2), Matthew Knight (2), Mike Welch (2), Nicola Dutton (2), Nicola Williamson (2), Richard Guest (2), Ruth Mansfield (2), Simon Earley (2), Amanda Knight (1), Andrew Dolphin-Rowland (1), Chris Langham (1), Christine Harris (1), Christopher Anagnostopoulos (1), Diane Wildbur (1), Elaine Doran (1), James McBean (1), Jamie Richards (1), Jane Wheeler (1), Jayne Thomas (1), Jenny Cooling (1), Jessica Daly (1), Jonathan Strong (1), Judy McSharry (1), Katy Mitchell (1), Lee O’Brien (1), Natalie Cheung (1), Philip Chisnall (1), Robert Dimbleby (1), Roy Russell (1), Sally Henderson (1), Stephanie Harris (1), Stephen Penney (1)

Special Mentions….

For the second year running, Liz has earned the 100% award. This will be proudly presented at the club awards night in early 2019.

Kate’s 7th place means she only just missed out on an award from the league (which go to the top 6 seniors and top 3 in each vets age category).

Unfortunately the LRRL does not have an 80+ category but if there was I suspect the winner might be Geoff Oliver.

Finally a special mention to Simon Birch who achieved the race win at the John Fraser 10, which also makes him 10 Mile Leicestershire county champion.

Don’t forget as well the HRC Presidents Shield which is awarded to best performing male and female runner (age graded) …… which our LRRL rep Mr Langham will reveal at a later date!

Congratulations from Hinckley RC to this years overall individual champions Tom Whitmore (Charnwood AC) and Joanna Male (West End), and big thanks to all the organising clubs, the marshals and officials, the LRRL committee and everyone who made it all possible.

Thank you to all the HRC members who represented the club this season, and to all those who came along to support and take photos. I hope you enjoyed it and will be back for more next year. Now on with the cross country season!

– Nick Moore, Mens Captain (bleary eyed with spreadsheets; if I have made any mistakes or missed anyone out, please let me know)