Remembering Geoff

A small selection of photos and words from members of the club.

Rest in peace Geoff. Such a lovely man. He welcomed and talked to me for ages at my first race for the club, I nearly missed the start! Not many people leave such a lasting impression on so many as Geoff did 

Geoff was one of the most inspirational, kind, knowledgeable and encouraging men I have ever known. 

Will always remember his simple but very true “one foot in front of the other” motto.

He’s left quite the legacy and inspired many while remaining humble. Something for us all to aspire to.

Its goodbye to the great Geoff Oliver running legend and mate, thankyou for the inspiration over the years and the miles.

It’s been a privilege to know such a gentleman and I’m sure your spirit will live on at Hinckley Running Club

Some words that were written in 2017 by Nick Marshall on the UltraList mailing list regarding the 24-hour running world record:

One man stands far above his peers.  In 2009, Englishman Geoff Oliver’s 20:23:49 when he was 76 made him the leader by more than an hour in the over-75 category. Among the exclusive over-80 group, the gap he has over everyone else is enormous. In a track run on Sept. 20, 2014 when he was 81, Oliver narrowly missed breaking the one-day barrier.  At the 24-hour mark Geoff was a mere 208 yards short of reaching 100 miles!  He finished it in 24:01:17.  So no one has ever run 100 miles in less than a full day after age 80, but Oliver fell short by only 77 seconds.  Nonetheless, he remains the oldest person in history to run a sub-24 for the distance, having done a 22:39:44 when he was 79 years and 46 days old.

I will leave the final word to Geoff in the card he sent to the club this year: