About Us

Hinckley Running Club was founded in October 1987. Our juniors section was formed in 2012.

Page last updated and checked: October 2023

Hinckley Running Club is a social and supportive community of runners of all abilities in Hinckley, Leicestershire. New members are always welcome.

For out adult (senior) members our Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions provide a focus for regular running. Members also like to get together for other runs and especially for a Sunday morning long run.

We currently have about 200 senior members. We have members of all ages, and a roughly equal split of men and women members.

Our Juniors section provides a fun atmosphere as well as competitive opportunities for running and athletics for children for aged 7 and upwards, with a weekly session on Wednesday evenings. We currently have about 100 junior members.

There are opportunities for racing throughout the year. The seniors participate in the Leicestershire Road Running League. The juniors take part in QuadKids (summer athletics) and Sportshall (winter indoor) competitiona. Both the seniors and juniors enjoy Derby Runner Cross Country League in the winer months. Our members also enter a wide variety of other races of all kinds and will often be seen at the local parkruns.

Whilst the focus of the club is running, for many a huge benefit of the club is that it is a valuable local social network with opportunities to get involved, by becoming a coach, taking on a role on the committee, or helping each other out in countless other ways. Some of our members have had training to become mental health ambassadors. We even have a small but dedicated litter picking group.

We are amateur club run by its own members who volunteer in various roles on a committee. To get in touch, see the contact page. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page is intended to be helpful to prospective members and new members of the club. See also our About Us page.

Where and when do you meet?

  • Our Seniors (adults/16+) sessions are:
    • On Tuesdays at 6.30pm we have a coached training session of typically 30 minutes duration. There is no fixed location and we meet all over Hinckley and Burbage, in a different place each week.
    • On Thursdays at 6.30pm we meet either at Argents Mead, Hinckley or at Hastings High School, Burbage for a social run in groups of various paces (our routes).
    • Full details of seniors sessions are published on our Facebook group for members only (as a free trial member you will have access to the group).
  • Our Juniors (age 7+)  train on Wednesday evening 5.30-6.30pm at Hastings High School, Burbage. Juniors info. Older juniors (12 and up) can also take part in the seniors sessions when accompanied by a parent.

Are you currently accepting new members?


How do I join, and how much does it cost to join the club?

The prices and application form are here: Membership Form

Can I come along to a training session to try it out before joining?

Yes! You can come along for up to 3 weeks before becoming a full member. We ask you first to fill in in a membership form for a free 3 week trial membership. We will then invite you to our Facebook group where you can find out about all the training sessions and come along.

I’m not on Facebook…

We do recommend a Facebook account to get the most out of the club. Most of the club activities are publicised and discussed on our Facebook groups. (You are welcome to have an FB account just for using the club groups, and you don’t have to use your real name.)

I would not be able to attend all the training nights and races. Can I still join?

Yes absolutely. Everybody in the club has different lives, school, work and family schedules. Our training sessions are completely optional, as are races. Some members go to almost every session and others go to only a few or not at all.

I don’t know if I’m fast enough to join a running club.

It is a common misconception that running clubs are only for fast runners. At Hinckley Running Club we have members of all speeds and all ages. If you like to run, you are welcome no matter how fast you go.

How old do I have to be?

  • Minimum age for Juniors is 7. For juniors of primary school age a parent must stay throughout the session.
  • Juniors aged 12 and above can participate in Seniors activities when accompanied by a parent.
  • The minimum age to train unaccompanied with the Seniors is 16.

What is England Athletics and what are the benefits of  EA affiliation?

England Athletics (EA) is the governing body for the sport of athletics in England. Members of Hinckley Running Club may choose register with EA for an annual fee (currently £17), giving:

  • Entry discounts (minimum £2) on UK Athletics licensed races.
  • Entry to events exclusively available to registered athletes – particularly track and field and cross country events, which are only open to registered athletes.
  • Receive news, offers and discounts from England Athletics.
  • Support to EA’s work in developing the sport of running.
  • See also EA’s Benefits of Registration.

Weekly Training Sessions

Group warm-up at a Tuesday night training session with Hinckley Running Club.

Tuesday evening 6.30pm is our coached Seniors training session aimed at improvement for runners at all levels. Juniors aged 12 and above can also take part when accompanied by a parent.  Members meet at a destination somewhere in Hinckley or Burbage. Once there, the qualified club coaches takes charge for a session of 30-40 minutes. Every training session is different — but usually involving interval training and often (but not always!) a hill. The details of each session are announced in advance.

Wednesday evening 5.30pm is our coached running and athletics session for our Junior members, which takes place at Hastings High School in Burbage. See Hinckley Running Club Juniors page for more information. Many of the Senior club members are also coaches or volunteers for the juniors.

Thursday evening 6.30pm is the Seniors ‘social run’ with a longer route of 8-10 miles and a shorter option of 5-7 miles. Each week, a different route is chosen and announced in advance. Routes start and finish in the centre of Hinckley or Burbage. The group usually splits into smaller groups of different paces, typically from 8 min/mile through to 11 min/mile. 

All sessions are free for club members.

A Thursday night in April — Clocks forward means it’s light enough to go out on the local lanes.


Our local parkrun is Hastings High School parkrun. This is a free weekly timed 5k for runners and walkers. Many of our members can be found there each week, either running or volunteering and can often be identified by our club vests/ hoodies etc. Feel free to chat with someone wearing Hinckley garb to ask more about the club.


As well as our weekly training sessions, lots of our members take part in a variety of races throughout the year. A major focus for the club is the Leicestershire Road Running League — a popular series of low-cost races where HRC members compete alongside runners from other local clubs. In winter months, the Derby Runner Cross Country League is a fun way to test oneself in off-road racing. Our members also enter countless other races and events of all kinds, from parkrun to marathons to track, trail, relay events, ultras, triathlons and everything else imaginable.

HRC is affiliated with England Athletics (EA), the national governing body of the sport, and club members have the option to pay an additional annual fee to register with EA. Registration offers access to a wider range of events and gives discounted entry to many races.

We are also affiliated with the Leicestershire and Rutland Athletics Association.

Hinckley runners at the Swithland 6 league race.
Juniors at a QuadKids event at Saffron Lane athletics stadium.