Award Winners

The awards are given out at the annual Presentation Evening, which is usually held in January.

Standard Times and 100% Awards

Standard times and 100% award winners are listed in the yearbooks:

2019 Yearbook | 2018 Yearbook | 2017 Yearbook

Runner of the Year

Runners of the year are chosen by free vote amongst all members of the club.

1999Richard WhiteleggWendy Nicolson
2000Wayne TaylorLouise Oliver
2001Adrian WhalleyPenny Masser
2002Rob Hall-McNair & Geoff BurrowsLinda Whitelegg
2003Shawn WileboreDebbie Moore
2004Simon MidwoodColette Wilson
2005Robert Hall-McNairBeth Eburne
2006Christopher JordanAnne Ashton
2007Simon EarleyJessica Wren
2008Dave MasserGill McGarry
2009John PadburyLinda Whitelegg
2010Jason BrotherhoodBeth Eburne
2011Dan AllinsonEmma Lambert
2012Chris LimmerLeanne Byard
2013Jon StrongKate Perkins
2014Geoff Oliver & Ed NixonSarah McSharry
2015Paul ClaytonCéline Guéry
2016Rolf HoelmerCharlotte May Sinclair
2017Chris LanghamPenny Masser
2018Simon BirchLeanne Byard
2019Vincent IliffeJessica Daly & Penny Masser

President’s Shield

The president’s shield is awarded for the best performance in LRRL races over the year. It is calculated by summing the age grade achieved at each races completed over the year.

2003Shawn WileborePenny Masser
2004Richard WhiteleggPenny Masser
2005Shawn WileboreWendy Nicholson
2006Malcolm NicholsonLinda Whitelegg
2007Nigel BassnettAnne Ashton
2008Richard WhiteleggJane Chilton
2009Geoff OliverGill McGarry
2010Nigel BassnettGill McGarry
2011Alan WhiteLinda Whitelegg
2012Paul ClaytonDebbie Moore
2013Adrian MoranElaine Wischhusen
2014Chris LimmerGill McGarry
2015Chris LanghamJenny Green
2016Nick MooreSarah Garford
2017Chris LanghamKate Perkins
2018Chris RawsonElizabeth Aspden-Mansfield
2019Nick MooreCéline Guéry

Chairman’s Award

The Chairman’s Award is awarded by the club chairman.

1998Hilary Thomas & Linda Allen
1999Tim Darke
2000Terry Richards
2001Dave & Penny Masser
2002Tim Darke
2003Dawn Hayman
2004Geoff Burrows
2005Christian Weikert-Picker
2006Jessica Wren
2007Linda Whitelegg
2008Bob McCall
2009Trevor Batchelor
2010Steve Hatcher
2011Andy Lauder
2012Dave Masser
2013Elaine Wischhusen
2014Jayne Thomas
2015Paul Clayton
2016Odette Foxall
2017Jenny Green
2018Céline Guéry & Nick Moore
2019Shawn Wilebore

Coaches’ Award

The Coaches’ Award is decided together by all the coaches.

2013Vanessa Stokes
2014Andrea Earley
2015Paul Ashby
2016Erica Fisher
2017Phil Chisnall
2018Greg Pollard
2019Derek Gordon

Beginner of the Year

Beginner of the Year is awarded to someone who has recently joined the club.

2011Leanne Byard
2012Paul Ashby
2013Jacquie Campbell
2014Céline Guéry
2015Kirsty Pollard
2016Graham Cross
2017Nicola Williamson
2018Paul Jolley
2019Betty Masters

Life Membership Award

The life membership award is given by the committee to individuals who have made significant contributions to the Club.

Year AwardedName
Malcolm Bennett
Barbara Elliston
Dave Masser
Geoff Oliver
Linda Whitelegg
Bill Whittle
2015Steve Hatcher
2015Penny Masser
2019Paul Clayton
2020Andy Lauder