Thursday Routes – 8 Nov

Thursday Routes: W09

Long: 9 miles…/…/2016/09/W09-Long.jpg

(this can be shortened to 8 miles by omitting the loop around Tudor Rd / Hollycroft at the end)

Short: 6 miles (ish) or 7 with the loop around Tudor Rd at the end.
Follow the long route out to Barwell, then retrace your steps once at the roundabout in the centre of Barwell.

6.20pm meet for a 6.30pm departure.

See you there


Thursday Routes – 18 Oct

Route no W15 in the big book.

Long: 9.1 miles…/…/2016/09/W15-Long.jpg

Short: 6.5 miles…/uploads/2016/09/W15-S…

Hi-viz essential please!

6.20pm meet for a 6.30pm departure.

Please make sure you are familiar with the routes and please ensure everyone has a ‘running buddy’ particularly as it will be dark by the time you finish.

Enjoy your run 


Thursday Routes – 27 Sep

It’s the Winter routes I’m afraid 🙁
Just for Will (I promised we’d do this one first!) we’re off to Barwell!!

For the shorter route, omit the Tudor Road loop at the end (making it 8 miles) or turn back at the Barwell centre roundabout and retrace your steps to make it between 6-7 miles.

It is getting dark by 7.15pm so please does to be seen!

6.20pm meet for 6.30pm departure.

See you there


Thursday Routes – 20 Sep

I’ve kept it a little shorter as I know quite a few are doing ‘Equinox’ at the weekend. I’m also hanging onto those Summer routes but sadly there won’t be many more 

The route this week takes us to Aston Flamville then back through Burbage.

Dig out those brighlty coloured tops and see you there – usual arrangements: 6.20pm meet for a 6.30pm departure 

Long route: 8 miles…/…/2016/07/S09-Long.jpg

Shorter route: 6.9 miles (there’s not much between them so it’s a good opportunity for everyone to try the longer route )…/uploads/2016/07/S09-S…


Thursday Routes – 6 Sep

With the nights sadly starting to draw in, we need to stick to ‘lit roads’ for the last mile or so, so it’s a straightforward out and back route to Stoke Golding. S03 in the ‘big book’.

Long route: 8.9 miles…/…/2016/07/S03-Long.jpg

Short route: 6.3 miles…/uploads/2016/07/S03-S…

Hi viz tops will be required before the end of the month so start digging them out!

6.20pm meet for 6.30pm departure

See you there


Thursday Routes – 30 Aug

We are heading out towards Stapleton and Dadlington

Long route: 9.3 miles…/…/2016/07/S18-Long.jpg

Short route: 6.8 miles…/uploads/2016/07/S18-S…

Please remember to dig out those hi-viz tops over the next couple of weeks as you are going to need them as the nights start to draw in 

6.20pm meet tomorrow for a 6.30pm start

See you there 


Thursday Routes – 9 Aug

S24 in the ‘big book of routes’

Not a lot of difference in distance between long and short (8.7 vs 7.2 miles) but both take in part of Burbage Common.

Long route:…/…/2016/07/S24-Long.jpg

Short route:…/uploads/2016/07/S24-S…

Alternatively, to make it about 5 miles in length, turn left at the end of Smithy Lane after crossing Burbage Common and head back up Sapcote Road to Hinckley.

Hopefully something for everyone here 

6.20pm meet at the Leisure Centre for 6.30pm departure.

See you there