Tuesday Training – 1 Oct

Sunnyside, working in 3s, 2 laps on 1 off.

Running clockwise, start at a steady pace, gradually increasing your pace at each corner, so that on the final straight, you are pushing/encouraging each other.

30 minute session

Meet at the Leisure Centre from 6:15 to leave at 6:30 for a warm up to the venue or meet there at 6:40.


Tuesday Training – 24 Sep

Tuesdays training inspired by Equinox 24 at the weekend! Castle Street hill work! 30 mins up Castle Street/Church Walk, swapping direction half way through. Meet at Leisure Centre to leave at 6:30 or bottom of Castle Street at 6:40 ?


Tuesday Training – 17 Sep

Harrowbrook industrial estate
Pyramid Session
Warm up/Cool down- 2 miles approx.
Leaving LC at 6:30pm or meet at the venue at 6:50pm ?


Tuesday Training – 10 Sep

Long Reps, Running in groups of similar ability, approx half mile loops, 5k pace, followed by 90 second rest, for 30 mins. Meet at Leisure centre to leave at 6:30 or meet at bottom of Field Close at 6:40


Tuesday Training – 3 Sep

Long reps in 3’s…2 on one off -change direction halfway through.
Depart LC at 6:30pm or meet on Rugby Rd by pub entrance to start at 6:45pm


Tuesday Training – 27 Aug

Queens Park
Meet at the Leisure Centre at 6.30 or meet at the session at 6.40
What’s the session?
Fartlek training
33 minute session total
10 x 2 minutes (@ slightly faster than 5k pace)
10 x 1 minute active recovery (slow run, jog or walk)
3 x 30 seconds sprint
3 x 30 seconds active recovery
Please bring a drink ?
What is Fartlek?
Fartlek is continuous training with periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running.
Why Fartlek?
Fartlek training puts a little extra stress on your system. It improves running fitness in four ways: speed, stamina, economy, and endurance. This is achieved by incorporating an active recovery after bouts of speed. (Active recovery is when you continue to run at a slower pace without stopping.) This is crucial to runners (particularly distance runners) seeking to improve their overall stamina and endurance.


Tuesday Training – 20 Aug

Hi everyone tomorrow nights training session.
Meet at the leisure centre at 6.30 to run to Hollycroft Park – entrance bottom of hill almost opposite Hollycroft Crescent for 6.40 start.
A session in pairs using 3 hills over 30 mins.
See you tomorrow, love Aly xx


Tuesday Training – 13 Aug

Torridon Way
Working in pairs, one on, one off for 30mins.
Option to run on grass or path.
Depart Leisyre Centre at 6:30pm or meet 6:40pm on the corner where Roston Drive and Outlands drive merge (by entrance to Clarendon Park)


Tuesday Training – 6 Aug

** Venue may change depending on weather and conditions**
Meet at the Leisure Centre at 6:25 for a 6:30 departure
Burbage woods, meet at the Smithy Lane end, by the gate that leads to May’s cafe and the bridge over the stream at 6:40 ish


Tuesday Training – 30 Jul

Castle Street
Keeping it close in case of very inclement weather ?
Working in 3s, 2 on, 1 off.
Meet at the Leisure Centre from 6:15, leave at 6:30, short warm up run, session starts at 6:40 at the bottom of Castle Street.???‍♂️?‍♀️


Tuesday Training – 23 Jul

Tuesday night training, meeting at Hinckley Leisure Centre for a 6:30pm start.
Clarendon Park ?
Run out and back for 60, 90, 2 mins. Recover for 60-90 secs depending on the heat ?
Please feel free to bring a drink, it’s going to be a hot one ☀️


Tuesday Training – 16 Jan

Meeting at the Leisure centre for 6.20pm, leaving at 6.30pm.
Warm up- steady run to Castle St, B&Q, Mitsubishi, then down Factory Rd to Hollycroft Park.
Session- one lap of Hollycroft Park at 5k pace. Adjust your pace accordingly if 5k pace is too much. Next lap is a recovery then repeat for 30 minutes. 
It will be warm so don’t forget to bring a drink.
Cool down- steady run back to the leisure centre and stretch.


Tuesday Training – 9 Jul

Tuesday evening session – bottom of Queens Road and over railway bridge. Short reps, in pairs starting together on adjacent paths. Meet at Leisure Centre to leave at 6:30 or at venue at 6:40 ?


Tuesday Training – 2 Jul

You will have a piece of chalk to run with:
Set 1 – 4×90 second reps (you will mark where you get to with the chalk on the ground) you will have 2 mins to get back to the start before you go again with the aim being to get back to your chalk mark
Set 2 – 4x1min reps (same as above)
Set 3 – 2×30 second reps (with 90 secs to get back to the start)
Cutting across the grass to get back to the start on your rest will be acceptable ?
Meet from 6: 15 at the Leisure centre for a 6:30 depart


Tuesday Training – 25 Jun (5k Time Trial)

Please note there will be NO training session meeting at the leisure centre this week. The session will instead be at the Pingles running track, Nuneaton, which will be a 5000m time trial. Newcomers are welcome!

Nuneaton 5k track time trial. Open to all.
The 5k time trial counts towards your standard awards and you may not get a better chance of a PB at this distance.
We will meet at the Pingles track for 7pm which will give us time for a reasonable warm up. It will cost £1 to enter the stadium.
Depending on numbers we are likely to split in to two races with the slower runners going off first at 7:30pm and then the faster runners at 8:00pm.
I will bring numbers along to the event so that the counters can count the laps. You will need to bring along safety pins.
I look forward to seeing you all Tuesday.