Tuesday Training – 29 Jan

Ok after a fabulous weekend of awards (well done everyone ?)
Back to training ?
Hungry Horse loops
Weather dependent but
Effort for 2, Recovery for 1 working in 3s, 2 on 1 off, for 20 mins, then 10 mins of effort for 2 sides recovery for 1 around the “circuit”! I’ll explain at the venue!
Meet at LC from 6:15, leave at 6:30 or meet at Hungry Horse at 6:45.
Be there, you know you want to ??


Tuesday Training – 15 Jan

Location – Rugby Road lay-by ( junction with Brookside )
Hill repeats
In threes A,B & C – of equal ability
Stating with runners A & B
Effort of 8/10 up the hill ( so grunts only please ) as far as Cowper Road
Form and effort back down the hill ( main focus on form please, but still with effort
Drop off A, pick up C .. fresh running buddies ?
Meet at L/C for 6:30 depart .. one mile warm up with dynamic stretches at location


Tuesday Training – 18 Dec

Training- Hollycroft Hill session.
In preparation for potential overindulgence at Christmas, Effort and Recovery!
Figure of eight, down Linden Road, up Browning Drive, down Linden Road again, up St George’s Avenue.
Effort up hill, recovery downhill, continuous session for 45 minutes (? just kidding!- 30 minutes)
Meet at the LC from 6:15 to leave at 6:30 or at the top of Linden Road to start the session at 6:45pm ?
Love Hills!


Tuesday Training – 11 Dec

Tuesday night training ?
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse ?
Cat and mouse session – Sunnyside loops
Pairs of equal ability;
Runner two chases runner one
Followed by an Active recovery ( in your pairs )
Runner one chases runner two
Repeat for 30 minutes
Meet L/C for 6:30 departure
Followed by mince pies ?  Liz’s house
Let’s burn some calories ! #strongerforlonger


Tuesday Training – 16 Oct

Location – Logix Park session starts 6:45 ish
Meet LC – Depart 6:30 1.5 mile WU
Session – 35.5 minutes

Long reps – 30 mins
In pairs of equal ability, running in opposite directions to each other with the goal to be back to the start at the same time
90 sec recovery in between each rep

Perceived effort level of 8 = challenging

A’s- 5 loops
B’s- 4 loops
C’s – 3 loops

End with a 4 min Tabata run = let’s step it up a level Hinckley

20 secs hard 10 sec easy x 8 sets ( run and recover on the whistle )



All it takes is all you got folks ??