Code of Conduct


The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to establish standards of behaviour expected of everyone involved with Hinckley Running Club.


The Code of Conduct applies all club members, parents/carers, coaches, and volunteers. It applies to all activities, including, but not limited to:

  • At club training sessions. This includes when club members meet before and after the session.
  • At races and competitions attended by club members. This includes when members car share to and from events.
  • Online and on social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Strava). This includes activity within the club’s own groups/pages, in interactions between club members, and in contexts where members’ activity may reflect on the club.
  • Runs organised by club members e.g. Sunday long run.
  • Social activities, meetings and other events attended by club members.


Members must not post, speak, or behave in a manner which could be construed as racist, sexist, bullying, offensive, harassment, confidential, abusive, derogatory, illegal, or violent; or otherwise use inappropriate language or behave in a way that the committee deems to have been unacceptable under the circumstances in question.

Members must adhere to the club’s rules as defined in its constitution and other policies.

Integrity and Fair Play

Members must conduct themselves with integrity and participate within the rules of the sport, respecting the decisions of officials and event organisers. In particular, members must not:

  • race under someone else’s name or bib number,
  • knowingly allow someone else to race under their name or bib number, or
  • otherwise participate in an event under false pretence, or unregistered.

UK Athletics Code of Conduct

Juniors members should read and abide by the Juniors Behaviour Policy.

Senior members, parents/carers and and volunteers should read and abide by UK Athletics Codes of Conduct, as follows:


A member of the club who violates the Code of Conduct may:

  • receive a verbal or written warning from the club committee;
  • be suspended from attending club training sessions;
  • be suspended from the club;
  • be required to leave the club, subject to the procedure described in the Club’s Constitution.

31/10/2019: First published.

13/10/2022: Added “Integrity and Fair Play” section.

11/11/2022: Added references to the UKA Codes of Conduct. Updated the Purpose and Scope section to include juniors, parents/carers, coaches. and volunteers. Updated the Violations section.