Covid-19 and return to training

Updated 27 Mar 2021

A return to a limited form of training requires a Club and Members to follow advice issued by Government and England Athletics, (“EA”).

Implementation of procedures advised enable our Club to reduce the risks posed by Covid during attendance at a training session.

These procedures also allow our Club to be compliant with EA guidelines and therefore be allowed to re-start training

As we are collectively responsible for safety at any training event, following is a summary of what we all must do to create a safer training event when training sessions re-start.

Safer training – What participants must do:

Keep up to date and follow the latest Government advice on Hygiene and Social Distancing (

Arrive at the training venue on time and be ready to start training. There won’t be any warm up / cool down or run to / from a session.

Maintain social distancing, (currently 2 metres), on arrival, during and departing a training session.

Bring hand sanitiser with you.

Bring a face covering if it makes you feel more comfortable and safer especially before a training session starts and at the end of the session.

Not attend a session if:

Advise the Club, (ideally the Covid co-ordinator, but any Club Committee member, Coach or Captain), if you display Covid symptoms within 3 days of attending a training session.

Use the Booking System to register for a training session, (each session will be subject to a form of pre-registration and booking, the format of which will change over time as Coaches and Club Committee discover the best format(s))

Not turn up for a training session if you have not booked.

Advise the Session Coach responsible for an event if, after booking, you cannot attend so that your place can be re-allocated, (session places are strictly limited and controlled by EA guidance so it’s likely that there will always be more participants wanting to attend than places available).

As the Club has to maintain records of participants at each session and share details with NHS Track & Trace co-ordinators if requested,  Keep the Club aware of your current contact details.

Keep the Club informed of any health condition that would impact your ability to participate in a training session or keep others safe, (The booking system and process will have a suitable health screening statement for you to agree to)

Safer training – What your Club must do:

To be able to offer training sessions for more than 5 people, (1:6 ratio, 1 Coach & 5 participants), the Club must provide a Covid Secure Environment. Full details of what is a Covid Secure Environment is available here (

Summarising a Covid Secure Environment requires:

  • Appointment of a Covid-19 co-ordinator
  • Production of a Risk Assessment for each type of training session and every location
  • Clear and constant communication with all session participants and members wishing to attend training sessions, before and during sessions.
  • An Action Plan detailing how Covid Secure Environment(s) were created and maintained, (for example this website communication and information for all Members forms part of that Action Plan)
  • Constant monitoring.

Having created Covid Secure Environments the Club must also:

Introduce a Booking System for all training sessions.

Limit the number of session participants to 12 per Coach, (1:12 session ratio).

Choose outside session locations where the impact of our training on the risk of spread of Covid within the general public is reduced.

Follow all Government and EA guidance and if necessary, cancel a training event or suspend all training again if local or national advice alters.

At each session plan for the unexpected such as injury, (Coaches will have PPE available for themselves but most importantly a phone to obtain assistance).

Be ready and able to comply and liaise with NHS Track & Trace co-ordinators. This will require the Club to:

  • Maintain a current register of Member contact information
  • Obtain a statement of session participant health
  • Register the names of every session participant

Safer training – What your Covid-19 Co-ordinator will do:

The duties of a Covid-19 co-ordinator and their responsibilities to you and your Club are available on page 2 of (

However, summarising their duties are:

  • To provide their contact details and be available to discuss Covid matters relevant to training with any Member
  • Assist the Club in the creation of Covid secure environments
  • Stay current with Government, EA and Local Covid advice and advise our Club of any changes or actions required.

Your current Covid-19 Co-ordinator is – contact via email:

Safer training – Summary

What we’ve all experienced in 2020/21 in relation to Covid-19 is that the situation is subject to change consequent to circumstance and knowledge. Therefore, this statement may change from time to time to reflect the guidance of local and national Bodies that govern our Sport and social activity.

Any changes will be communicated here on our Website and via our Facebook group.

Returning to any form of group training has consequent risks. What we must all do as Club Members and participants of a training session is minimise the risk by following EA, Government and Club guidance.

27th March 2021

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