Behaviour Policy — Hinckley Running Club Juniors

Athletes and coaches should remember that they are representing Hinckley Running Club, and in order to uphold the club’s reputation, should comply with the policy below.

Behavioural Code of Conduct for Athletes

(drawn in part from England Athletics guidelines)

I will behave appropriately by:

·       Listening carefully to, and following all of the instructions given by my coach

·       Showing my fellow athletes respect by being friendly and supportive

·       Treating all equipment with respect and only using it as directed by my coach

·       Not using unkind or bad language

·       Not bullying anyone or pressuring them to do things they do not want to do

Disciplinary Measures

Failure to adhere to the above Code of Conduct will result in action being taken according to a three-step process:

1.     A verbal warning will be given

2.     If the poor behaviour continues, the athlete will be asked to sit out for 5 minutes

3.     If upon return to the activity, the athlete continues to engage in poor behaviour, this will be discussed with their parent/guardian at the end of the session

Repeated discussion with an athlete’s parent/guardian may result in them being asked to leave the club, as poor behaviour not only disrupts other athletes’ training, but could also result in serious health and safety risks due to the nature of the activities being undertaken.

Violent and/or abusive language or behaviour, or serious misuse of equipment that endangers others will not be tolerated. The severity of these issues may result in an athlete’s immediate suspension from training sessions, and ultimately, termination of membership.

Coaches and Volunteers

Coaches and volunteers will familiarise themselves with the Code of Conduct in order to ensure that incidents are dealt with fairly, and will ensure that their own behaviour models that which is expected of the athletes.

Parents and Guardians

In order to ensure that participating in Hinckley Running Club Juniors’ training sessions is an enjoyable experience for all (including the coaches and volunteers who are giving up their free time to lead sessions), we require parental/guardian support. Please ensure that both athlete and parent/guardian have read and understood the behaviour policy, and will adhere to the expectations of the club.