Frequently Asked Questions

This page is intended to be helpful to prospective members and new members of the club. See also our About Us page.

What are the benefits of being a member of Hinckley Running Club?

  • Become a part of a supportive and enthusiastic local running community in Hinckley.
  • Opportunity for coached training sessions every Tuesday evening (all optional).
  • Group social runs every Thursday evening (again optional).
  • Join in with the Hinckley All Sorts beginners and intermediates running group on Wednesday evenings – normally £2 per session but free to HRC members.
  • Free use of the changing, shower and locker facilities at Hinckley Leisure Centre on club nights.
  • Access to our members-only Facebook group where we organise group runs, plan events and car sharing, ask advice, and share successes.
  • Take part in Cross Country races in the winter months — fun and low cost events only available to running club members.
  • Take part in the Leicestershire Road Running League — road events from 5 miles to Half Marathon.
  • Social events though the year including annual awards presentation night.
  • Discounts for club members – currently we have the following discount via a special discount code:
    • : 10% off all orders (you need to ask Rich Guest for the discount code as it is not on the web or social media!)
  • Get to proudly wear the HRC club vest!

What is England Athletics and what are the benefits of  EA affiliation?

  • Entry discounts (minimum £2) on UK Athletics licenced races.
  • Entry to events exclusively available to registered athletes – particularly track and field and cross country events, which are only open to registered athletes.
  • Eligibility to apply for HRC’s club place for the London Marathon (the club currently gets 1 place to allocate to a member each year).
  • Receive news, offers and discounts from England Athletics.
  • Support to EA’s work in developing the sport of running.

How do I join, and how much does it cost to join the club?

The prices and application form are here: Join the Club

I’d like to join the club but I would not be able to attend all the training nights and races. Can I still join?

Yes absolutely. Everybody in the club has different lives, work and family schedules. Our Tuesday and Thursday nights (and Wednesday nights with the All Sorts) are completely optional, as are races. Some members go to almost every session wheras others go to only a few.

I like running but I don’t know if I’m fast enough to join a running club.

It is a common misconception that running clubs are only for fast runners. At Hinckley Running Club we have members of all speeds and all ages. If you like to run, you will fit right in no matter how fast you go.

I’m a total beginner, I’d like to run but don’t know where to start.

Even if you have never done running before you can come along to the Hinckley All Sorts beginners group which will support you from run-walking up to running your first 5k (similar to “couch to 5k”). After that the intermediates group aims to take you up to running your first 10k.

I have a different question…

Please use our Contact page and ask away! Or speak to any of us at a club event.