Training Tuesday 3rd January 2017 – Logix Park 5 x 1K

Meet at the Leisure Centre as normal at 18:15 for a 18:30 start. 1st of the year and a great time to work off some of those mince pies and get your speed back.

Remember hi-viz please

Warm up down to Logix Park (where we start the 5k timetrial), it’s only a mile and a bit. So a lap of Logix park will be included and you can use it to get up to speed to ensure fully warmed up.

5 x 1K reps with a jog recovery in-between – reps at 5k race pace

Set off about the same spot as the start/finish of the time trial and head down the path to the A5, turn sharp left down the A5 to the roundabout, left again to the next roundabout. This is approx 1k (just under). Try and keep and even pace up to this point, at your 5k race pace. This might be a recent time or a realistic goal time.

Then take a easy jog recovery back to the start, perhaps regroup with similar abilities before setting off again, no need to stand around waiting in the cold on this session.

It is better to keep the pace consistent through each rep, so if you are struggling you can drop a rep, or add one if you are having a great day!

Warm down back to the Leisure Centre

If you are looking at goal times, you can look at the club standard times and see roughly which you are in. Or head to the and look at the calculator to help work out a realistic goal based off past performances at other distances. If all else fails, hang on to someone of similar abilities or give me a shout and I will point you in the right direction.

Derby Runner Cross Country League – Race 4 – Bradgate Park

The 4th race of the XC season took place last Sunday (11th December) within the picturesque grounds of Bradgate Park. The event was brilliantly hosted by Roadhoggs Leicester AC, which included a 5.25-mile course for the adults, a junior event consisting of a 1-mile route for pre-school to Year 6 and a 2-mile route (2 laps) for Year 7 pupils to 17 years of age.

The Men’s team had 11 representatives: Mark Cox, Richard Guest, Ben Harding, Matthew Knight, Harry Langham, Joe Langham, Nick Moore, John Padbury, Will Pither, Jonathan Richardson and Jonathan Strong.

The Ladies’ team had 10 representatives: Megan Cox, Michelle Fowler, Céline Guéry, Sally Henderson, Amanda Knight, Bethan Padbury, Kate Perkins, Emma Thompson, Jane Wheeler and Helen Wilebore.

The Pre-School – Year 6 Juniors were represented by: Isabella Wrightam, Matthew Cooper, Josh Cooling, Sophia Wrightam and Matthew Cooling.

The Year 7 – 17 years of age Juniors were represented by: Fabien Faria, James Le-Grice, Elise Cook-Sutton, Alex Wilebore, Chloe Burgess, Isobelle Wilebore and Luke Burgess.


The men’s race got underway at 10:55 with the ladies setting off at 11:05, to save a hectic start. The course was very challenging, with plenty of mud, tough downhill descents, lung-busting uphill ascents with rocks and tree roots thrown into the mix too. The first mile was a quick, flat and downhill charge, followed by a mile back up a long drag of a hill towards the start area. The next 2 miles were relatively flat and down, with a tricky section of mud which had to be negotiated. Mile 4-5 was brutal to say the least; an uphill section, with the last bit going up the rocks towards the war memorial. By this point the hamstrings, quads and lungs were in need of the finish line and from the top of the hill, it appeared. A fast downhill home was all that separated participant and finisher.

The Men’s Draft Results – Ben Harding – 31.47, Joe Langham – 37.17, Matthew Knight – 37.47, Nick Moore – 38.03, Harry Langham – 38.58, John Padbury – 40.49, Jonathan Strong – 41.58, Mark Cox – 43.25, Will Pither – 47.26, Richard Guest – 47.53 and Jonathan Richardson – 56.11

The Ladies’ Draft Results – Bethan Padbury – 40.14, Kate Perkins – 41.06, Michelle Fowler – 45.58, Céline Guéry – 46.28, Jane Wheeler – 48.14, Helen Wilebore – 48.16, Sally Henderson – 49.47, Emma Thompson – 59.19 and Amanda Knight – 61.13

The juniors set off at 10:30, negotiating a tough, hilly 1-mile loop. The Year 7 – 17 year olds ran the loop twice, totalling 2 miles, with the younger age category running a single loop. The course started off relatively flat, going downhill, then finishing with a challenging hill back up to the start area, where they were cheered in by the awaiting adults.

Juniors results (Pre-School – Year 6) – Isobella Wrightam – 6.25, Matthew Cooper – 6.57, Josh Cooling – 7.16, Sophia Wrigham – 8.49 and Matthew Cooling – 10.30

Juniors results (Year 7 to 17 years of age) – Fabien Faria – 13.17, James Le-Grice – 13.36, Elise Cook-Sutton – 14.13, Alex Wilebore – 14.56, Chloe Burgess – 17.15, Isobelle Wilebore – 17.25 and Luke Burgess – 18.01

Pictures courtesy of Stephen Lee.

There is now a 5 week break from XC action, with the next event on January 15th – Sinai Park. It would be great to see as many of you there as possible.


Update: Additional race added to calendar on 29th January at Bagworth Heath. This replaces the 27th Nov date which was cancelled.








Standard Times 2016

It’s time to apply for this year’s Standard Times awards.

The awards recognise individual achievement over a range of racing distances over the course of the year. All Hinckley Running Club members are invited to apply for a 2016 award. The award certificates will be presented at the club presentation night on 28th Jan, 2017.

To qualify for an award, you need to have achieved the required times in at least 5 different race distances during 2016. You can see the full requirements and times here: Ladies Standard TimesMens Standard Times

To apply, please download and fill in this form (.xlsx spreadsheet). When you have filled in the form, email it to

Please include in the form a few words about your running year — highlights, lowlights or stories — and also attach to the email your favourite running related photo of yourself from this year. This is for the presentation night and also for a “HRC year book”.

DEADLINE: Midnight on Monday, 2nd January 2016.
No exceptions. (Early entries encouraged!)

If you don’t get a reply to your email within 5 days, please contact Nick Moore or Céline Guery in case it was not received.

If you have any questions you can send an email to the above address.

Notes on rules:

  • Your time must be as shown in the official published race results and must be under your own name.
  • Your time must have been run between 1st January and 31st December, 2016.
  • Where races have chip timing, the chip time counts.
  • All road races with an UKA accredited certificate of course accuracy are accepted.
  • All the 2016 LRRL races are officially measured and do count. To help you out, here is a handy list of all this year’s LRRL races and results: LRRL Results 2016
  • The following parkruns are also accepted: Braunstone, Kingsbury Water Park, Conkers.
  • HRC time trials count for the 5K distance.
  • Cross country races, Thunder Run, Equinox etc. do not count.
  • For other races you can check if a race has an official certificate by searching Association of UK Course Measurers website.

Training session on Tuesday, November 29th

Coach : Martin Lynch

Tuesday night Training is Castle Street
6.15 meet at the Leisure centre ( downstairs room)  to leave at 6.30 with a short warm up

6.40 start by Cafe Latino

30 minute session Down Church Walk and Up Castle St long loops with a short recovery after every lap.

High Viz Please

Routes for Thursday,November 24th 2016

Thursday Routes:

Longer Route – 9 miles (ref W03 ‘long’ on the website but also see link below):

Shorter route – 7 miles (ref W03 ‘short’ on the website but also see link below):

6.15pm meet in the ‘downstairs room’at the leisure centre for a prompt 6.30pm start.
Remember those Hi-viz tops


Rugby Road Hills Tuesday 15th November 2016

Last of the set of hills, this is the same session as the first hill session 3 weeks ago

Hi-Viz a must, it’s dark out there

18:15 meet at the Leisure Centre for a 18:30 start, warm up to the bottom of the hill at Rugby Road (it’s the slip road on the side of the main road).


Groups of similar abilities. Around 10k effort (might be slightly slower than 10k pace as up a fairly steep hill!) Just over 100 meters up the hill to opposite the road junction on the right and where a one-way sign is on the left. Keep the effort all the way to the sign as if it’s the finish line. Then jog walk a few more seconds to get your breath back and turn back to jog recovery back down the hill. Recover, regroup and head back up.

25 mins session – try and keep a consistent pace, from the 1st to the last rep. Keep your form throughout.

This is a one way residential side street – so any cars will be coming from the bottom of the hill behind you as you run up, in front as you jog back. Please wear hi-viz and watch for traffic.

Markfield Cross Country – Sunday, November 13th 2016

The second race of the 2016/17 Derby Runner Cross Country League was on Sunday, 13 November. The venue was South Charnwood High School, Markfield, organised by West End Runners. Hinckley’s adults were well represented, with 9 ladies and 16 men turning out in their blue and white vests.

Hinckley’s team of the day - missing one or two off on their warmup.
Hinckley’s team of the day – missing one or two off on their warmup.

We were spoiled with glorious sunny weather and the ground was quite soft from recent rains. To ease congestion there was a split start, meaning the men set of at 11:02 am (after a two minutes’ silence for Remembrance Sunday) and the ladies followed at 11:10.

The race started in the school field before heading out into woods and fields (with cows as an additional obstacle!) and finishing back at the school. A single lap of about 5.5 miles.

The Derby Runner league also features shorter races for juniors before the adults’ race.
The Derby Runner league also features shorter races for juniors before the adults’ race.

Leading the field for the Hinckley men was cross country specialist Ben Harding in 5th place, following from his 2nd place a fortnight ago. Ben Masser put in a strong effort to finish 48th, spurred on perhaps by the knowledge he was ahead of his dad Dave Masser. Joe Langham looks to have learned from experience not to start too far back in the pack, and advanced to 68th place (compared to 144th last time).

5th and 6th home were the two Marks —- Cox and Frost -— both running in their first cross country race since joining the club. Completing the scoring team of 8 were Tom Wormleighton and Simon Earley, just pipping Harry Langham who vowed to catch Simon next time. Jon Strong followed — having run the 15 miles from Hinckley to reach the race, together with Sally Henderson — and then Rolf Hoelmer, back in action for the club after an injury layoff. Greg Pollard, Matthew Lunn (also in his first XC race) and Will Pither all finished close together, followed by new men’s captain Richard Guest, and Ian Sylvester our top V60.

Hinckley’s ladies were led by Rebecca Gould, who worked her way through the field to 10th place, catching Bethan Padbury who came 11th. Kate Perkins followed in 23rd place and also brought the post-race cookies. Jenny Green was on a flyer in 60th place, ahead of fellow ladies’ captain Céline Guery in 71st and first vet Michelle Fowler in 74th. They were followed by Sally Henderson, Emma Thompson (who only joined the club in the last few weeks), Charlotte Sinclair and Andrea Earley. Special mention also to Megan Cox who ran in Barrow Runners colours, pending official transfer of first-claim membership.

Of the 26 clubs taking part, Hinckley’s ladies team came 3rd, the men were 8th, and the combined team was 7th.

Our thanks to West End Runners for organising this fantastic race.

The next cross country league race is on Sunday, 27 November 11am at Bagworth Heath. All Hinckley Running Club members are invited to take part. Entry is only £3 per person and no pre-registration is required – just turn up and run! Further details will be published on the website and on the Facebook group.

Report by Nick Moore

Cross country dates for your diary

Sunday 27 November – Bagworth Heath (organised by Desford Striders)

Sunday 11 December – Bradgate Park (organised by Roadhoggs)

Sunday 15 January – Sinai Park (organised by Hatton Darts)

Sunday 19 February – Allestree Park (organised by Derwent Runners)

Sunday 5 March – Bosworth Battlefield (organised by Hinckley Running Club – please try to save this date as we will need lots people to run and to help with the race!)

Thanks to Ed Nixon for these photos, I have selected just a few here but Hinckley Running Club members can see all of the photos inside the club’s Facebook group.

The start of the race went around the school field. Rolf Hoelmer in the foreground.
The start of the race went around the school field. Rolf Hoelmer in the foreground.
Sally adopting the correct protection from the unusually sunny November day.
Sally adopting the correct protection from the unusually sunny November day.
Ben Harding working hard up the final hill.
Ben Harding working hard up the final hill.
Kate Perkins making it look easy.
Kate Perkins making it look easy.
Mark Frost, with Tom in pursuit.
Mark Frost, with Tom in pursuit.
The Markfield venue was beautiful in the sunshine, though I’m not sure if the runners having to scale that hill fully appreciated it!

Routes for Thursday, November 10th

Thursday Evening Training (from the Leisure Centre)

For those who are running from the leisure centre rather than participating in the ‘head torch’ run kindly organised by Mark, the route is the winter route 16 – W16.

There is just one route as there are several points that this can be shortened for those that prefer to run fewer miles.

A large number of the Thursday crew are running from Stoke Golding on the ‘head torch run’ so if you are planning to run from the leisure centre, could you ‘like’ thE Facebook post just so we can ensure that everyone running from the Leisure Centre has someone to run with.

Normal arrangements – 6.15pm meet (in the ‘downstairs room’ at the Leisure Centre) for 6.30 prompt departure. Hi Viz tops essential please

Markfield XC – Sunday 13th November 2016

Venue :
Organised by West End Runners

Children £1
Adults £3

Start times                                           
Junior race: 10.20am                  
Men’s race: 11.02am   (2 minute silence at 11.00am)
Ladies’ race: 11.10am 

If you are only coming for the junior race, please park in the staff car park to allow easier exit at the end of your race.
There are no changing facilities, but toilets are available in the school grounds.
The senior race is approximately 5.5 miles

Post race venue: The Bricklayers Arms, Main Street, Thornton, LE67 1AH

For further details please contact:Elaine O’Connor, West End Runners
 Mobile: 07834777412, email:
 We hope to see you there and that you can take part in the cross country fun!