LRRL 2022

Race dates & results

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Stilton 7 (Stilton Striders) – 27th February 10:30am

West End 8 (West End) – 29th May 10:30am

Swithland 6 (Birstall) – 12th June 10:00am

Prestwold 10k (Barrow) – 26th June 10:00am

Joy Cann 5 (Huncote) – 3rd August 7:30pm

Rotherby 8 (Team Anstey and Wreake Runners) – 4th September 10:00am

LRRL End of Year Report 2022 by Sanjay

Overall Race Attendance
Stilton 71712
West End 81215
Swithland 61517
Prestwold 10K1212
Joy Cann 51617
Rotherby 82011
Final Team Tables
MenLadiesVet MenVet LadiesMixed

Stilton 7

There was a strong turnout for the first race of the season. The hills posed a challenge as always but with 5 ladies placing in the top 50 ladies overall and 6 men placing in the top 50 overall, I think it’s safe to say we conquered them (just) for another year.

West End 8

After a three-year hiatus and a three-month gap since Stilton 7, West End 8 was back! 4 men placed in the top 50 overall and 5 ladies placed in the top 50 ladies. Chloe Sparrow put in a superb performance to finish as first lady and 50th overall.

Swithland 6

Hot on the heels of West End, Swithland 6 was our best performance of the season so far. 5 men placed in the top 50 overall with Simon Birch taking second place overall after a very hard-fought battle for the top spot. 6 ladies placed in the top 50 ladies with Chloe Sparrow putting in another very strong performance to earn a second-place finish.

Prestwold 10K

Our third league race in six weeks! It was our lowest turnout to date, although this was reflected in the low number of participants overall for the race. As such, it wasn’t our strongest race of the season and whilst we maintained our team position, the gap has closed points-wise between us and out nearest competitors.

Joy Cann 5

Due to the ongoing closure of the Huncote Leisure Centre, the race HQ was moved to Next Head Office. Whilst the route remained largely unaltered, the start and finish location changed which made the race slightly more challenging towards the latter half of the race. Simon Birch won the race overall.

Rotherby 8

A strong turnout for the men, but the lowest turnout for the ladies of the race season. Overall though, a strong performance from the club on a challenging course.


Hinckley had a great season in the LRRL this year and this was reflected in team prizes for the men (1st, D2) and vet men (2nd, D2) and individual prizes for Penny Masser (3rd V55 Ladies) and Chloe Sparrow (5th Senior Ladies).

League structure

  • It was agreed there would be a single league which covers all 6 or 7 races
  • It will be a ‘normal’ LRRL league with divisions and vet leagues
  • Individual runners can drop 2 results so the best 4 of 6 or 5 of 7 will count, teams can drop one result
  • League tables will be calculated using chip time (not gun time) following a vote 11 to 7 in favour of chip time to allow social distancing at the start (it was noted that this will remain a temporary change and the intention is to return to gun times in future)
  • All LRRL races will be open to LRRL club members only for one week before optionally opening to the general public if there are places remaining.  This is to give clubs the opportunity to enter teams
  • Team sizes will change for 2022 as follows:
    • Men 6 to count (reduced from 8)
    • Women 4 to count (reduced from 6)
    • Vet men 4 to count
    • Vet women 3 to count 
    • Mixed team 4 men and 4 women (of any age category) to count
  • The Mens and Womens teams can be all Senior/Junior, or a mix of Senior/Junior/Vets (no mandatory vet like DRXC or Reunion League).