Kibworth 6, 20th March 2011

Team Division Kibworth Overall
Men 2 5th 5th
Vet Men 1 5th 7th
Ladies A 2 5th 5th
Ladies B 3 9th 6th
Vet Ladies 1 5th = 5th

100% for Winter League

Steve B, Nigel B, Bob, Steve H, Gill, Adrian, Neil S, Rachel S, Bryan, Christian, Alan and Elaine.

Also first time I have known that we have had two full ladies teams for every race so far.

Ladies Position Time
Rachel Swan 36th 46:53
Gill McGarry 37th  46:54
Linda Whitelegg 48th  47:59
Jenny Green 106th  55:49
Elaine Wishy 117th  59:01
Rachel Smith 120th  59:59
Odette Taylor 123rd  60:20
Karen Burnett 128th  62:29
Andrea Earley 139th  67:01
Dave Masser 20th  35:12
 Hairy McNairy 44th  37:10
Mark Styles 49th  37:19
Steve Barrowclift 90th  39:41
Christian WP 109th  40:43
Alan White 113th  40:59
Steve Hatcher 129th  42:08
Neil Smith 138th  42:43
Shawn Wilebore 139th  42:46
Nigel Bassennett 144th  42:55
Adrian Moran 169th  44:15
Neil Bacon 215th  47:22
Andy Lauder 224th  47:53
Simon Bedder 232nd  48:39
Bryan Sutton 284th  58:31
Bob Darnbrook 291st  64:58
Steve Poole 293rd  71:15