Standard Times Awards

View the target times:
Standard Times (PDF)
Your age on 1st January gives your standard times for the whole year.

Lockdown Courses

The lockdown courses below will continue to be accepted, with GPS (Garmin, Strava etc.) as evidence:

5kAny parkrun, or a 5k (3.11 miles) route of your choice starting and finishing at the same point.
5 mileMapometerGPX
6 mileMapometerGPX
7 mileMapometerGPX
8 mileMapometerGPX
10 mileMapometerGPX
Half marathonMapometerGPX
20 mileMapometerGPX
MarathonAny 26.2 miles (42.2 km) route of your choice, starting and finishing at the same point.

What is the Standard Times Awards Scheme?

The standards times scheme gives club members an extra incentive to take part in races and to improve their running, for which they will awarded a certificate appropriate to the standard achieved at the end of the year. The scheme runs from 1st January to 31st December each year and the certificates are given out at the seniors awards night.

How does it work?

There are 10 race distances for you to work at, ranging from 5k to marathon, with 10 levels of award: Merit, Merit+, Bronze, Bronze+, Silver, Silver+, Gold, Gold+, Diamond and Diamond+.

You must achieve the required times for at least five different distances to be awarded a certificate.

To gain a distinction certificate, you need nine distances, including 10 miles, a half marathon, 20 miles and a marathon, plus any five other distances.

All times must be achieved at recognised road races and track events with accurately measured courses – no cross country, trail or other off-road events. See “Which races are eligible?” below for guidance. There is also a set of pre-defined courses you can run in the Hinckley area, where you can time your effort with a GPS (see Lockdown Courses above).

There is a different table of target times for every age and sex. Your age for standard times purposes is your age on January 1st of the year. (Note special age rule for juniors, below).

Awards for Under-18s

Junior and senior members aged under 18 can apply for standard times awards as follows:

  • Aged under 14 – cannot apply for senior awards.
  • Age 14 or 15 – eligible for an award if times are achieved at these four distances: 5k; 5m; 6m; 10k.
  • Age 16 – eligible for an award if times are achieved at five distances up to a maximum of 8 miles.
  • Age 17 – eligible for an award if times are achieved at five distances up to a maximum of a half marathon.

Runners aged under 18 on 1st Jan may choose to add 1 to their age for awards purposes. This allows a wider range of distances to be included but with more difficult time targets. For example, an athlete who is 15 on 1st Jan and runs a 7-mile race after their 16th birthday may choose to apply either for an age 15 award (easier times but cannot include the 7-mile) or an age 16 award (harder times but can include the 7-mile).

Please note that the maximum allowed distance for licensed road races per UK Athletics Rules for Competition RULE T3 (141) S 3 is as follows:

Age on day of competition Maximum distance
Aged 11 or 12 years 5,000 metres
Aged 13 or 14 years 6,000 metres
Aged 15 years 10,000 metres
Aged 16 years 15,000 metres
Aged 17 years 25,000 metres
Aged 18 or 19 years Marathon

Other Rules

  • Your time must shown in the official published race results and must be under your own name.
  • Where races have chip timing, the chip time counts.
  • Your time must be run between 1st January and 31st December of the awards year.
  • To apply for standard times you must be a member of Hinckley Running Club (junior or senior). If you joined the club part way through the year, you can use times from races ran before you joined as long as the majority of races were done while a member.
  • You can use the same races to count towards two different awards in the same year. For example, you might use five races towards a silver ordinary award and the same five races plus four others as part of a bronze distinction.

Which races are eligible?

The golden rule is you must run your time at a race with an accurate course. All accredited road races with a certificate of course accuracy are accepted.

How to check if a race is certified: You can check if a road race has a “certificate of course accuracy” by searching the Association of UK Course Measurers website here: Search for Certified Races

Power of 10 Listings: The Power Of 10 is a website run by UK Athletics which shows your results from all official UKA-licensed events. All races shown on your profile can be assumed to be officially measured as long as there are no letters after the distance. For example 5M is a certified 5 mile, but 5MNAD, 5MMT or 5MXC is not.

ARC licensed events: ARC (Association of Running Clubs) is an alternative licensing body that some race organisers use in preference to UKA/EA. These races are also eligible for Standard Times but don’t appear on Power of 10. Examples of ARC-licensed events are Desford 5, West End 8 and Calke Abbey 10k. There is a list of all races with ARC permits.

LRRL: All LRRL road races are certified accurate so you don’t have to check these yourself.

HRC Events: All time trials, handicap races, etc. organised by the club are accepted.

Parkrun: All parkruns may be used for the 5k distance.

Other races: Despite not fully meeting the UKA measurement criteria (for example measurement certificates not renewed every year) we will accept the following local races: Shepshed 7, Watermead 5, Fradley 10k.

How to apply?

An application process for each year’s awards will be posted to the club website towards the end of the year.

View the target times:
Standard Times (PDF)