Standard Times 2019

Applications are now open for this year’s Standard Times awards.

For full information, times, and rules see the Standard Times page.

To apply, download and fill in the form, and email it to

Please include in the form a few words about your running year — highlights, lowlights or stories — and also attach to the email your favourite running related photo of yourself from this year. This is for the year book at the presentation night.

The deadline for applications is Midnight on Thursday, 2nd January 2019. Early entries encouraged.

Looking forward to receiving your applications. If you don’t get a reply to your email within 7 days, please contact Nick Moore in case it was not received.

Tuesday Training – 8 Oct

Barleyfield, off Wheatfield way, two streets behind McDonalds

Three way relays. Speed! Speed! Speed!

6:30 pm departure from the LC
6:40 pm at the venue


Thursday Routes – 3 Oct

Both ref W12 …yes October is here with the darker nights so we are on Winter routes now 🙁

Long route: 8.9 miles

Short route: 6.4 miles

Remember to click on the image below for the full route and this will allow you to ‘zoom in’ and see all the minor roads too.

6:20pm meet (downstairs) at the leisure centre for a 6:30pm departure.
Please remember to wear something bright to keep safe whilst running at night.

See you there 🙂


Tuesday Training – 1 Oct

Sunnyside, working in 3s, 2 laps on 1 off.

Running clockwise, start at a steady pace, gradually increasing your pace at each corner, so that on the final straight, you are pushing/encouraging each other.

30 minute session

Meet at the Leisure Centre from 6:15 to leave at 6:30 for a warm up to the venue or meet there at 6:40.


Thursday Routes – 26 Sep

This route isn’t in the ‘big book’ so make sure you know where it goes! Anti-clockwise around Hinckley / Burbage with a few loops. The direction on the map may not be apparent so to clarify, the route heads up Rugby Rd to Burbage first before going back to Hinckley past JCC and along part of Normandy Way then returning to the Leisure Centre via Hollycroft.
For those requiring a shorter route, turn left at the Butt Lane / Leicester Rd junction and head back to the leisure centre for a 6 mile route (approx).
Usual 6:20pm meet for a 6:30pm departure from the leisure centre.
Please wear hi-viz tops as it will be dark by the end of our run if you are on the long route.


Tuesday Training – 24 Sep

Tuesdays training inspired by Equinox 24 at the weekend! Castle Street hill work! 30 mins up Castle Street/Church Walk, swapping direction half way through. Meet at Leisure Centre to leave at 6:30 or bottom of Castle Street at 6:40 ?


Thursday Routes – 19 Sep

Thursday Routes: Ref S25
Long: 8.8 miles
Short: 7.2 miles
Still just about hanging onto the lighter evenings although I think this will be our last Summer route
It is a similar route to last week, just a little different at the start, but it allows a mix of Burbage Common before dark and some street lit roads at the end so I hope that this is OK for everyone.
6:20pm meet for prompt departure at 6:30pm. Wear something bright if you can to ensure that we are visible towards the end of the run.
See you there


Tuesday Training – 17 Sep

Harrowbrook industrial estate
Pyramid Session
Warm up/Cool down- 2 miles approx.
Leaving LC at 6:30pm or meet at the venue at 6:50pm ?


Thursday Routes – 12 Sep


Long route: 8.7 miles
Short route: 7.2 miles
There won’t be many more opportunities to run around the lanes
this year so this route takes us across the Common, round Aston Flamville then back into Burbage with the last 2-3 miles being on street lit roads.
We do go across the Common but it is dry underfoot so will not spoil your running shoes!
Please note that from next week, you will need to consider digging out your Hi-Viz tops with these becoming a necessity by the end of the month.
Tomorrow’s meet as usual is 6:20pm for a 6:30pm departure at the Leisure Centre.
See you there ?


Tuesday Training – 10 Sep

Long Reps, Running in groups of similar ability, approx half mile loops, 5k pace, followed by 90 second rest, for 30 mins. Meet at Leisure centre to leave at 6:30 or meet at bottom of Field Close at 6:40


Tuesday Training – 3 Sep

Long reps in 3’s…2 on one off -change direction halfway through.
Depart LC at 6:30pm or meet on Rugby Rd by pub entrance to start at 6:45pm


Thursday Routes – 29 Aug


Long: 9.3 miles
Short: 6.9 miles

Heading out towards Aston Flamville rather than the dreaded Rogues Lane!!
Both routes follow the same first 5+ miles with the shorter route omitting the Ashby Road loop at the end.
6.20pm meet for a 6.30pm prompt departure from the Leisure Centre ?


Tuesday Training – 27 Aug

Queens Park
Meet at the Leisure Centre at 6.30 or meet at the session at 6.40
What’s the session?
Fartlek training
33 minute session total
10 x 2 minutes (@ slightly faster than 5k pace)
10 x 1 minute active recovery (slow run, jog or walk)
3 x 30 seconds sprint
3 x 30 seconds active recovery
Please bring a drink ?
What is Fartlek?
Fartlek is continuous training with periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running.
Why Fartlek?
Fartlek training puts a little extra stress on your system. It improves running fitness in four ways: speed, stamina, economy, and endurance. This is achieved by incorporating an active recovery after bouts of speed. (Active recovery is when you continue to run at a slower pace without stopping.) This is crucial to runners (particularly distance runners) seeking to improve their overall stamina and endurance.